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Ozone for Safe Effective Sanitization

Posted: Jan 01 1970

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Advantages of Ozone Use In Aquaculture
Posted: Feb 15 2022

Aquaculture, also referred to as aquafarming, is the production of aquatic organisms under controlled circumstances. Similar to agriculture but instead cultivating fish for human consumption instead of crops and livestock. Aquaculture can meet the needs of providing mankind with animal protein with the least amount of impact on Earth's resources. The three types of aquaculture environments include freshwater, brackish water, and marine.

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Ozone Generators for Commercial & Industrial Applications
Posted: Jan 27 2022

If you manage a large food manufacturing facility or any other business that requires a way to keep your equipment clean and sterile, ozone generation may be just the solution you have been looking for! In this article, we will explore why large commercial and industrial businesses use ozone generators, and how it can help with quality control, for the health and safety of your consumers.

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The most Effective clean-in-place (CIP) process
Posted: Dec 27 2021

Clean-in-place (CIP) systems are cleaning solutions for processing facilities like the food & beverage industries. Nebula ozone technology utilizes dissolved ozone injected into water, with Zero Chemicals to create effective cleaning solutions into a single piece of equipment.

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Winery and Brewery Ozone Sanitation
Posted: Nov 24 2021

Ozone Sanitation can be an essential part of running a quality brewery or winery. For a long time, these industries have used halogen chemicals, acids, and heat for sanitation. But doing so means dealing with some strong disadvantages. For instance, halogen chemicals cause harmful by-products and acids can be unsafe for human consumption. On top of that, some chemicals change the taste of the drinks. Many industry leaders are now shifting to ozone as a disinfectant.

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Facility Washdown Systems Using Ozone
Posted: Oct 14 2021

Every processing business, especially those functioning in Food and Beverage space, knows the importance of food safety and keeping a clean facility. A ozone washdown system helps to keep industrial facilities clean.

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Industrial Ozone Water Treatment
Posted: Sep 24 2021

Ozone is used on an industrial level as a water treatment process. It is a sustainable solution for sanitation, sterilization, and disinfection. In fact it out preforms all other cleaning agents, with an impressive 99.9% kill rate for bacteria.

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Types of Wastewater Filtration Units
Posted: Aug 31 2021

Many industrial companies produce wastewater as a part of their production process. For such companies, a wastewater treatment system can be helpful. With the help of a wastewater filtration unit, a company can ensure that it meets discharge regulations. They can also recycle water and prevent any harm to the environment. But what type of wastewater treatment unit should a company get?

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Industrial Water Filtration Systems
Posted: Jul 26 2021

When we talk about water filtration, we tend to think about purified water for drinking purposes at home. But clean water is a necessity everywhere, with many industrial applications. Water purification is needed in the food and beverage industry, hospitals and healthcare centers, water treatment plants, military, and first responders, etc. All these industries require different industrial water filtration systems.

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Commercial Reverse Osmosis Water Systems
Posted: Jun 30 2021

Pure, clean water is the needed around the world, and is often used in commercial industries. From greenhouses to hospitals, from food processing to the military- water without contaminants is essential for life. When filtering water reverse osmosis is a very effective cleaning process. Using commercial reverse osmosis or RO water filtration systems can supply you with the clean water you need.

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Advanced Ozone Washdown Cleaning Systems
Posted: Jun 03 2021

Did you know that Nebula ozone cleaning systems are a very effective method of cleaning equipment in the food and beverage industry? It can be used for the sterilization and disinfection of stainless steel equipment, machinery, glass bottles, holding tanks or even large produce bins. When we mention ozone, most people think about the layer of ozone gas all around the earth, keeping out the harmful rays of the sun. However, it is also highly effective in surface area disinfection!

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Why Should We Care About Using Ozone?
Posted: May 18 2021

One of the most important business questions we can ask ourselves is... "Why we are offering this product or service to the masses?"   "What makes it valuable?" How does it compare to the competition or other alternatives in the market in the way of: quality, effectiveness, and return on investment?

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Industrial Ozone Generators for Manufacturing
Posted: Apr 21 2021

Ozone is an excellent disinfectant that is very effective in eliminating bacteria and viruses in water. Municipalities across Canada trust industrial ozone generators for water treatment applications and can often be found in water treatment plants.

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Is Ozonated Water Safe for Clean-In-Place Systems?
Posted: Mar 02 2021

Proper maintenance and sanitation of machinery and surfaces is a critical aspect of operating any food or beverage manufacturing business. Canadians rely on the industry to provide them with clean and safe food while the workers in these operations rely on a safe working environment. The process of sanitation can be very costly between the labour involved, the energy to heat the water, the water consumption, and chemical cleaning agents used.

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Microbial Load Reduction
Posted: Nov 04 2020

Ozone has so many uses that it can sometimes be hard to know exactly where to start. The following is an easy Step-By-Step approach to breaking down your processing line by Critical Control Point and identifying the best way to achieving reduced microbial load when it comes to food processing.

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How Clean is Clean?
Posted: Sep 22 2020

The Center for Disease Control defines Cleaning as "the removal of visible soil (eg. organic and inorganic material) from objects and surfaces and normally is accomplished manually or mechanically using water with detergents or enzymatic products." For every business keeping their facility clean is important to the health of their employees and customers however just how clean each part of their business needs to be varies widely between industries and processes. Cleaning can also be generally referred to as Sanitation.

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A Faster Acting Disinfectant
Posted: Sep 09 2020

In the world of sustainable solutions there is an age-old debate about environmentally safe alternatives being more expensive than toxic ones. It typically sounds something like one group saying "we should Go Green no matter the cost!" and the other group saying "Easy for you to say, you don't have a business to run and costs to keep under control to stay competitive!" But what if we could have both an environmentally safe solution that cost less to use and was even more effective than the chemical wash-down solution currently being used?

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Ozone sanitation is ideal for a number of applications where large scale pressurized washdown is possible, and non-toxic cleaning solutions are needed.

Ozone sanitation for breweries
Ozone for Breweries

The Ozone Pro™ is a stand-alone system that provides Ozone-enriched water for disinfection applications within the winery, brewery, or cidery industries. The Ozone Pro™ system is designed for ease and simplicity of installation as we provide a pre-assembled panel that is adequately equipped for turnkey Ozone production.

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Ozone sanitation for healthcare
Ozone for Healthcare

Nebula Ozone is helping to keep the public safe from contamination, as well as the residents and diverse range of healthcare workers in facilities where sanitization is more important than ever.

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Medical supplies
Ozone for Food Production

Ozone has been proven as a safe, cost-effective, and efficient method for killing micro-organisms and bacteria. Ozonated water is perfect for ‘Post Harvest Washing’ as it sterilizes the food product and eliminates the risk of microbiological contamination. Delicate fruits in particular benefit from Ozone sterilization because it does not require the vigorous washing associated with other methods.

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Medical supplies
Ozone for Water Treatment

Ozone is being increasingly adopted for drinking water and wastewater treatment because of its superb purification ability which incorporates environment-friendly features. The effectiveness of ozone for advanced water treatment has been widely proven with an extensive record of successful applications, further reinforced by the FDA and USDA’s approval of ozone applications.

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Ozone military and first responders
Ozone for Military & 1st Responders

Our military and first responders have the unique challenge of keeping their facilities safe in environments where group activities are very common. Nebula Ozone solutions can help improve the safety and wellbeing of these dedicated professionals to our country.

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