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Facility Washdown Systems Using Ozone

Its Application for Saftey in the Food Industries

Posted: Oct 14 2021
Facility Washdown Systems

Every processing business, especially those functioning in Food and Beverage space, knows the importance of food safety and keeping a clean facility. A ozone washdown system helps to keep industrial facilities clean.

Ozone washdown systems meet the need for sterilization and cleaning in food processing, breweries, hospitals, pharma, and other facilities.

Let's learn more about Ozone FacilityWash Down Systems.


Facility Washdown System and Its Application in the Food Industry


The food industry needs to be responsible for disease control and ensure food safety. This is required to keep away food-borne ailments and bateria. Authoritative agencies have set guidelines and sanitation requirements for all facilities in Canada. Organizations must follow these guidelines to maintain complete safety.

That's where facility washdown systems come in. They help prevent residues and contaminants from food production. They help get rid of transient soil or dirt, detergent residue, microorganisms, and more. Food facilities are often exposed to many hazardous contaminants. Cleaning a food processing facility and machinery is essential but not always easy. So an ozone washdown system can be vital to your continued success.


The History, Development and Current Status of FWS Technology


Using hot water and applying it with the help of a hose to clean out dust, contamination, and accumulations is not new. It has always been of great use in cleaning places that are hard to reach. However, older cleaning systems using a hose would need a lot of human resources.

Modern FWS technology is not prone to premature breakdown resulting from deposits or scaling. This is an upgrade from conventional hose stations used in industries that apply pressure-balancing technology with many moving parts. The basic idea is still the same - modern FWS technology still uses high pressure to clean facilities and machinery with water.

Modern FWS technology is engineered to cater to high-volume washdown requirements. It is equipped with variable speed controls to regulate water pressure as required. It also helps to save energy because modern FWS-backed pumps and controls are far more energy-efficient compared to old systems.

FWS technology takes away the pressure of manual operation. They are designed to eliminate bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens or microorganisms. For automatic cleaning, CIP and SIP operations are put in place. Some of the modern technology is advanced enough to be operated by software and programmable logic controllers.


Types of Ozone Generators Used for FWS Applications


Almost every industry now uses an ozone generator as a cleaning device. That's because ozone gas is a highly effective disinfectant. When ozone production machines are used in facility washdown systems, the result is a squeaky clean facility with no infections and pathogens hiding anywhere.

There are different types of ozone generators. The best option for FWS, which uses high pressure for cleaning purposes, is an ozone generator with a pressure-based outlet and operation. When the system needs pressurized application of ozone gas, this type of generator is the best as it operates under pressure.

When the ozone gas generator can operate at a high-pressure level, it can give your system greater flexibility, which will make operation easier for a washdown. There are also ozone generators that operate under either pressure and vacuum. This is a more versatile option, making this easier and more reliable to operate.


Applications of FWS systems.


Washdown systems are effectively used in different industries such as the following:


Safety Aspects Associated With the Use of FWS


Cleaning a facility can often be a challenge. A proper FWS will make your life easier when it comes to cleaning. It also takes care of your safety., with lower risks of explosions or fire and greater compliance to safety standards. The best FWS providers will always ensure that they have a thorough understanding of your organization and facilities and figure out what it handles.

Knowing about the materials and products that are in use in a facility helps in finding the right wash down system that is sensitive to the possible hazards. If required, a custom design will have to be created for your facility for greater security while catering to your cleaning requirements.


Design Considerations When Designing a Facility Washdown System


FWS companies have a wide range of designs available for facility washdown systems. Spray guns, mobile cleaning stations, mixing stations, conveyor sanitizers, nozzles, roof truss, beam pockets - the range of designs is wide. But very often, FWS has to be customized according to the needs of the facility and the materials or products being handled.

To design the right FWS, proper assessment of the facility is crucial so that the final system can adapt to the facility. Accordingly, it can minimize the usage of electricity and water, integrate drainage, and more. Accordingly, equipment and accessories are used.


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