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Ozone is one of the strongest disinfectants used in food processing sterilization

Posted: Apr 21 2021
Ozone for Clean in Place Systems

Ozone is an excellent disinfectant that is very effective in eliminating bacteria and viruses in water. Municipalities across Canada trust industrial ozone generators for water treatment applications and can often be found in water treatment plants.

In fact, it is claimed that it is a better water disinfectant than chlorine or hydrogen peroxide combined. Besides, its oxidizing property helps to get rid of other impurities like iron, manganese, sulfur, etc. Did you know that ozone was used for water treatment way back in the 1800s in Asia and Europe?

Now, if you are looking for a more technically advanced ozone generator for food processing, food canning manufacturer or in the beverage industries... a proper ozone system can help get you better results for quality control, sterilization and efficiency in cleaning.

Let's find out more about the benefits your manufacturing plant can receive when ozone is used.

Why Install an Ozone Generator System?

The quality and innovation of our ozone products are the reason why Nebula is rapidly becoming the choice of food manufactures looking to get rid of any contaminants or contamination in their process.

Our ozone generators are highly sought after because of their energy efficiency and reliability that are built into every machine design.

A larger ozone machine can be used to sterilize a facility equipment such as used in a Clean-in-Place (CIP) system, or as a bottle wash-down station in the beverage industries.

No matter if your a popular Brewery or in food processing, depending on the scale of your specific application, we can accommodate your manufacturing needs for a ozone sterilization system.

An ozone system can generate a large amount of ozone continually simply by applying AC power to the generator. The ozone process happens when oxygen or air flows between two electrodes covered with membranes. As air passes through the membranes, it leads to the production of ozone. This occurs with ionization of oxygen atoms.

When ionized oxygen atoms (O) combine with unionized oxygen molecules (O 2), ozone (O 3) is formed. It is an unstable gas that easily loses its free oxygen atom that's highly reactive. That last reactive molecule is what attacks any bacteria, and disinfects anything it comes into contact with.

Now ozone is an odorless gas that can be very dangerous or even fatal if inhaled. So, to avoid any direct contact with the lungs, it is injected into any waterline to completely clean any equipment through the oxidation process. Ozone is so effective in sterilization, that it is 99.9% effective in killing any bacteria or other microorganisms that the ozonated water comes into contact with.

How much Ozone is needed to Purify our Equipment?

The ozone dose that can help with the cleaning and disinfection of equipment truly depends on the facilities water quality. The concentration of pollutants, infectious organisms, solid particles, etc. dictates the quality of water.

Filtration can aid a hand here in water quality. We can help you source and supply the right commercial water filter depending on your usage. At Neblua we use and trust the Watts Pure Water commercial line of filters. The filtration of solids or sediment can help with the first step to water purification.

Accordingly, the quantity of ozone applications varies to the water coming in. Always remember ozone technology can be used directly as a water treatment system, or to sanitize any equipment you use in the manufacturing process. Any ozone generator can achieve the following benefits:


On average, a liter of water needs 1-2 mg of ozone. This dose is sufficient for controlling taste and odor problems, etc. without causing disinfection byproducts. The dosage is recommended by the International Bottled Water Association. IBWA also says that this ozonation process should take place for a period of 4-10 minutes. This will ensure proper disinfection, leaving 0.1-0.4 ppm of ozone level in the water before washing down any equipment.

Get rid of Inorganic Compounds:

When water contains inorganic metals, ozone reacts easily with their insoluble compounds. These compounds often valves and pipelines. 1 mg of iron needs 0.44 ozone, while 1 mg manganese needs 0.88 mg ozone. Hydrogen sulfide, which causes odor, can be removed through oxidation. 1 mg of it needs 4 mg of ozone for oxidation to sulfate.

Organic Compounds

Finding the exact ozone amount to remove organic pollutants from water. That's because ozone fails to act as an oxidant for some compounds like ketones, aldehydes, etc. Some just oxidize to smaller non-reactive compounds. So, it's hard to understand the chemicals involved. The organic concentration in water can be measured using either Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) or Total Organic Carbon (TOC).

Commercial Benefits of using ozone generators

Many manufactures install water treatment systems on premise because they care about the quality of their product. Water that has been treated by an ozone generator is essential for the longevity of your Company's Brand in the following ways:

1. Sanitation and Disinfection

Ozone is more effective in killing microorganisms than chlorine. So ozone generators equipped with ozone production abilities can be used for the full sanitation of your machinery. Water treated through ozone treatment systems can also be used to wash fruits and vegetables.

2. Deodorization

Ozone is great for deodorizing a place as ozone removes and kills odors caused by organisms. That's why an ozone generator is a great choice for washing down containers, bins or even bottles. It can get rid of the smell of decay of foods with out harsh chemicals.

3. Prevention of Mold/Mildew/Fungus

Since ozone is effective in killing mold, mildew, and fungus, an ozone generator may come in handy for cleaning all areas of a food process plant, etc. Mold and fungus are likely to develop due to dampness in the air.

Thus, an ozone generator has many applications. Nebula Ozone is here to answer your questions, and service your manufacturing needs.

Nebula Ozone Water Treatment Systems

Nebula Ozone is known for providing ozone generator solutions that have extended warranties and built to last. We offer a wide range of ozone generator systems that offer excellent efficiency, with great performance. Even a full water treatment system with our technology can easily be accomplished with ozone gas production.

Our ozone systems are proven to deliver better results than chlorine or UV treatment systems. We ensure top quality of components, and durability for a long run life. From installation to performance, our ozone treatment system are known for reliability and quality.

Every ozone treatment system will deliver nothing but the solution you need. We mainly cater to the food industries, but also breweries, health care, the military, and more.

Contact us today to find out more about our solutions and choose the best ozone production product to suit your needs.


Ozone sanitation is ideal for a number of applications where large scale pressurized washdown is possible, and non-toxic cleaning solutions are needed.

Ozone sanitation for breweries
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The Ozone Pro™ is a stand-alone system that provides Ozone-enriched water for disinfection applications within the winery, brewery, or cidery industries. The Ozone Pro™ system is designed for ease and simplicity of installation as we provide a pre-assembled panel that is adequately equipped for turnkey Ozone production.

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Ozone sanitation for healthcare
Ozone for Healthcare

Nebula Ozone is helping to keep the public safe from contamination, as well as the residents and diverse range of healthcare workers in facilities where sanitization is more important than ever.

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Medical supplies
Ozone for Food Production

Ozone has been proven as a safe, cost-effective, and efficient method for killing micro-organisms and bacteria. Ozonated water is perfect for ‘Post Harvest Washing’ as it sterilizes the food product and eliminates the risk of microbiological contamination. Delicate fruits in particular benefit from Ozone sterilization because it does not require the vigorous washing associated with other methods.

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Medical supplies
Ozone for Water Treatment

Ozone is being increasingly adopted for drinking water and wastewater treatment because of its superb purification ability which incorporates environment-friendly features. The effectiveness of ozone for advanced water treatment has been widely proven with an extensive record of successful applications, further reinforced by the FDA and USDA’s approval of ozone applications.

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Our military and first responders have the unique challenge of keeping their facilities safe in environments where group activities are very common. Nebula Ozone solutions can help improve the safety and wellbeing of these dedicated professionals to our country.

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