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Winery and Brewery Ozone Sanitation

Ozone Sanitation can be utilized for any Winery or Brewery focused on Quality

Posted: Nov 24 2021
Winery and Brewery Ozone Sanitation

Ozone Sanitation can be an essential part of running a quality brewery or winery. For a long time, these industries have used halogen chemicals, acids, and heat for sanitation. But doing so means dealing with some strong disadvantages. For instance, halogen chemicals cause harmful by-products and acids can be unsafe for human consumption. On top of that, some chemicals change the taste of the drinks. Many industry leaders are now shifting to ozone as a disinfectant.

The benefits of ozone sanitation in brewing and wine industries are many, which is why this disinfectant has really taken off for the cleaning of barrels, tanks, bottles, stainless steel equipment, etc. They also do not cause the same harmful effects as other harsher chemical solutions or other chemically based cleaning products.

Let's find out how ozone can be an effective disinfectant solution to meet the sanitation needs of the winery and brewery industries. We can help any facility stay on top of quality control and safety.

How Does Ozone Sanitation Work?

Ozone is a strong disinfectant and has the power to replace harsh sanitation products generally used in the brewing and wine industries. The efficacy of ozone as a disinfectant comes from its oxidative properties that help eliminate viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms by destroying the walls of microbes. This type of microbiological control is crucial and it is 99.999% effective in eliminating all bacteria.

With ozone, you get a safer, more affordable option for keeping your entire facility clean. Wine and brewing industries have started to understand the importance of ozone as an organic sanitation gas. They are gradually starting to use ozone technology and aqueous ozone for cleaning equipment, storage units, and other surfaces in the space. Ozone can even keep away insects and flies that carry bacteria.

Ozone is also effective in odour control, besides keeping mold and airborne alligians under control. Ozone sanitation solutions are also used for reducing biofilm and preventing cross-contamination. In all of this, ozone is considered a great alternative to chemicals as it does not leave by-products. It turns into molecular oxygen and evaporates. Thus, ozone water doesn't have to be rinsed, saving time and water.

With the help of ozone water and gas, it is possible for breweries and wineries to produce beverages in a clean, hygienic setting without residual contaminants, without the undesirable hazards of acids and other disinfectants. Ozone ensures that the products or their taste is not damaged - which includes keeping barrel flavours intact. It is thus an excellent alternative to traditional sanitizers.

Benefits of Using Ozone As a Sanitizer in Wine and Brewing Industries

The application of ozone sanitizers in wine and brewing industries is multifold. Let's look at them:

a) Qualitative Advantages


b) Environmental Advantages


c) Economic Advantages


Application of Ozone in Brewing and Wine Industries

As an organic sanitizer, ozone water and gas have many applications in the brewing and wine industries. Such applications include the following:

1. Ozone Barrel Sanitation


Ozone and ozonated water are used for sanitizing barrels to remove contamination in between two batches of wine. This helps keep away the effects of yeasts. Ozone does not get inside the wood and hence does not damage the barrel or change its organoleptic characteristics. Hence, it is a favourable substitute for sulphur and other such sanitizers for barrel sanitization.

2. Equipment, Tool, and Surface Sanitation


Ozonated water is harmless, and hence, it is great for sanitizing brewery equipment and tools, shredding and de stemming devices, bottling machines, conveyors, and a wide range of surfaces. It helps to control microbial proliferation and also prevents contamination in between wine batches. That is why it is popular as a sanitization agent.

3. Room and Cellar Sanitation


Ozone is excellent for cleaning floors and walls of cellars where mold, fungi, and odor may develop as a result of high humidity levels. This can compromise the hygiene of the cellar. To prevent these from harming the quality of the brew and causing health problems of consumers, gaseous ozone can be used on a regular basis to maintain a healthy environment.

4. Transfer Pipe and Process Clean-in-Place Method


When wine is force-transferred into containers, there's a high risk of contamination. This can be prevented by taking strict Clean-in-Place methods for transfer pipes and processes. Using detergents, water, and chemicals involves multiple rinsing and steam - and hence, ozone is considered a great alternative to prevent wastage of water.

5. Sanitation of Tanks, Silos, Containers, etc.


Before the wine is added to containers, they should be sanitized using ozonated water to ensure that the brew goes into a safe and clean bottle. Even tanks and silos have the chance of developing contaminants because they may sit empty for a long time. Hence, it has become a practice to rinse the tanks, silos, and containers with ozone.

6. Grape Treatment in Cold Rooms


Grapes are susceptible to quick decay and mold, especially temperature changes inside cold rooms due to condensation and humidity. These can lead to the growth of fungi that can destroy grapes in cold rooms. Ozone's sanitization actions can help to prevent the surface growth of molds, viruses, bacteria, pathogens, etc. and protect grapes.

From vineyards to containers - everything associated with the winery and brewery industries can take the advantage of ozone's sanitization properties. To find the best

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