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Advanced Ozone Washdown Cleaning Systems

But are ozone cleaning machines just as effective as chemicals cleaning solutions?

Posted: Jun 03 2021
Ozone washdown cleaning systems

Did you know that Nebula ozone cleaning systems are a very effective method of cleaning equipment in the food and beverage industry? It can be used for the sterilization and disinfection of stainless steel equipment, machinery, glass bottles, holding tanks or even large produce bins. When we mention ozone, most people think about the layer of ozone gas all around the earth, keeping out the harmful rays of the sun. However, it is also highly effective in surface area disinfection!

Just imagine your company eliminating any harsh, expensive chemical cleaning solutions for our ozone sanitation technology... Which provides an innovative, environmentally friendly, and more sustainable method to sanitize your entire production facility.

But are ozone cleaning machines effective? Are they better than the popular cleansing agents, i.e., chlorine?

Read on to learn more...

Chlorine vs Ozone as Chemical Disinfectants

We have seen this application work for both the food processing industry and agricultural applications. Dealing with anything that is organic, naturally they can pick up or contain germs, bacteria, dirt, mold, chemical pesticides, etc. For a long time, Canadian food packers have been using chlorine or bleach as a cleansing agent. This is not ideal for two reasons, one it not 100% effective and two it leaves a chemical residue. Ozone is 99.9999% effective in killing all germs or bacteria and 100% environmentally friendly.

Ozone, or O3, with three oxygen atoms, is highly reactive. In fact, it is much more reactive than oxygen. It is thousands of times more reactive in water than in gaseous form to kills microorganisms. Our Generators can deliver a high-pressure water washdown station containing ozone gas for better quality control and disease safety. The ozone generated by these machines is safe and can clean everything from fresh produce to poultry and beef.

An ozone generator feeds high-voltage electricity to small chambers. Then, as oxygen passes through the small chambers, the electricity breaks the pure oxygen down into ozone. The process of oxidation creates ozone gas. This ozone gas gets pumped into a water line to be used to clean packing and processing equipment. Ozone enriched water cleans both any chemical residue and removes bacteria or disease-causing microbes that can start to grow e-Coli, salmonella, listeria etc.

That's not all! A great advantage of using ozone water is that it is recyclable after the cleansing process is completed. So you can reuse the same water again. Government-approved ozone generators that produce water with a high oxidation reduction potential have recently become more popular.

Ozone technology offers the production industry a safe organic solution or alternative to chemicals. It is the ideal surface cleaning solution for effective sterilization without any reliance on expensive chemicals. It is highly effective for the disinfection of rinse barrels, stainless steel tanks, glass bottles, containers, pipes, surfaces of walls and floors, etc.

Is ozone water cleaning safe?

Using ozonated water as a substitute for harsh toxic chemicals is a practice that can be highly rewarding. Many company are looking to get Green Business Certified. It is not only using in the food processing industry but also in the Beverages and Breweries industry as well as in hospital applications. From plastic or stainless steel products to plant and animal foods, everything can be cleaned with ozone.

a) Highly Effective Disinfection

Ozone water can kill 99.99% of harmful germs. Then, it returns to its original state and becomes water with oxygen. This gas not only works as a disinfectant but also helps with odour control. That is why ozone production equipment has become the go-to tool in the food processing industry, especially after frequent contamination incidents in the recent past.

All this is because water that has ozone dissolved in it is absolutely safe and environmentally friendly. It is certified by all major governing bodies around the world, and that includes the FDA and Health Canada. Not only is it highly effective in killing bacteria and viruses but it has many other advantages.

b) Minimal Training

This this type of equipment offers environmentally friendly ozone production, you don't need to worry about handling hazardous chemicals. Minimal training is required for handling proper ozone water equipment in your facility for the purpose of disinfection, and that can save a lot of time and money.

So stabilized aqueous ozone can be more powerful than other disinfectants like bleach or chlorine. The unstable atom from the ozone (O3) reacts with any foreign bodies and also kills all pathogens to eliminate contaminants. It's the ideal choice to wash everything from foods containers to equipment and can be used for many sanitation purposes.

Why Nebula Ozone?

Nebula is known as the trusted source for ozone washdown stations and water sterilization technology. Why? Because of the following reasons:

a) Catering to Different Industries

Nebula is a group of company that understands exactly how ozone technology can be put to use for different industries. We make various types of ozone water devices and understand one thing - that this is not a one-size-fits-all concept. While the aim of the device would be sterilization and disinfection, not all industries are the same. We deal with a variety of applications for different company needs...

Any food processing company will need a water-safe operation design with high ozone levels, specifically for the equipment used in the industry. What will work for ozone washdown cleaning systems for surfaces will be different from a greenhouse water recycling system.

All of these operate differently from "system-to-solution" needed for each client we speak with

Unless you pick an advanced ozone machine that's designed and spec'd out for your industry, it probably won't be successful. We have seen a lot of money wasted over the years, on different technology solutions that could that deliver what the customer expected.

b) Convenience of Use

We have been in the industry for over 30 years and offer free consultations for all customers. We pay attention to every detail of each system we manufacture, from the mobile ozone washdown cleaning systems to the safety of it's operation.

According to the needs of your organization, you will need industrial ozone equipment that can deliver on it's promise. It's essential to understand the advantages that ozone has over anything else in the market.

Your employees will not need any expensive training to understand or use the system, just spray and disinfect all areas. This makes a quick efficient work day with any mixing of chemicals. Even the maintenance of the machine is extremely easy and is built to be durable in a variety of environments.

We pay special attention to quality and ensure that every system is designed to deliver the best quality of oxygen conversion to ozone gas. Our ozone machines are proven to be the best in the industry for your success. Contact us today to find the best ozone system or application for your needs!

Contact us today to discuss your specific process. We will be happy to answer any questions and provide a proposed design for your operation!


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