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Industrial Ozone Water Treatment

Used for Industrial & Commercial Processing Plants

Posted: Sep 24 2021
industrial ozone water treatment

Ozone is used on an industrial level as a water treatment process. It is a sustainable solution for sanitation, sterilization, and disinfection. In fact it out preforms all other cleaning agents, with an impressive 99.9% kill rate for bacteria.

It is also considered a cost-effective cleaning solution on an industrial scale. How does industrial ozone water treatment work? Let's find out all about ozone water treatment systems and their industrial applications.

How does ozone work in water treatment?

Ozone is considered a powerful oxidizing agent. Ozone molecules can be dissolved in water to produce a broad-spectrum biocide. This is responsible for the destruction of viruses, bacteria, or cysts present in water. Thus, ozone is used commercially for large-scale water treatment with the help of industrial ozone generators.

The use of ozone for potable water treatment has been around since 1904. As a potent oxidizing agent, it ranks second to only fluorine as a tool for purification, and fluorine is banned in several nations worldwide. It is also stronger and faster than chlorine. It can kill biofilms and algae infesting in water systems.

What's even better is that there is no way these microbial creatures can become resistant or immune to ozone! It has been found that ozone dissolved in water can eliminate 99.9% of aqueous microorganisms or bacetia quite rapidly... in fact on contact! It is powerful against a wide range of disease-causing impurities and organisms, many of which can cause several health conditions through potable water or on the surfaces of food.

Ozone in Real World Applications

How does ozone work, though? Its capability of oxidization of organic materials and other viruses, which contributes to its biocidal effects. The cell wall gets weakened when it comes in contact with ozone molecules, and it ruptures as a result. Essentially, this causes cell death on an immediate basis, sterilizing the water.

Suppose you compare this with chlorine or any other biocide. In that case, you will notice that they have to move across cell membranes before interfering with the reproductive process of the enzymatic life of the cell. In simple terms, these are slower and less effective compared to ozone. Hence, ozone can destroy bacteria, algae, biofilms, and is 50% more powerful than chemicals, and safer to use.

From E Coli to giardia, from cryptosporidium to streptococcus faecalis - many harmful and dangerous impurities can be removed from water with the help of ozone purification. Viruses are considered more resistant to the effects of UV light treatment, but ozone can undoubtedly cause their inactivation. It is more effective than any other sanitation method in the world today.

Is ozone-treated water safe to drink?

Ozone-treated water is entirely safe for drinking. In fact, ozone is one of the leading processes for the purification of drinking water. After the ozone molecules destroys any contaminates in the water, the gas turns back into natural oxygen again. Thus, potable water treated with ozone is entirely safe for your health. That is why it can become so popular as a water treatment process.

However, it is to be noted that ozone treatment causes certain byproducts when it reacts with metals. One of the byproducts is bromate, which is formed when ozone reacts with bromide in water. To remove such solids, proper filtration is required. So, it is a good idea to have a staged filter process before using treating water with ozone to make it completely safe for drinking purposes.

What are the advantages of ozone as a water purifier?

The advantages of ozone as a purifier are vast and many. The purification process doesn't need chemical usage, and many impurities get removed from the water. This helps to stabilize the taste and smell of water. In addition, ozone treatment can effectively clean water irrespective of its pH level.

It is more potent than many other purification processes or agents. Because its effects are so powerful, the treatment process takes place within a short time, and you will not need to wait at all to get water that's free from harmful microorganisms. Having said that, you must remember that the effective ozone in water treatment depends on contact time, and the amount of ozone gas generated to some extent.

Ozone generally needs less contact time than chlorine, but the time required will vary based on the water volume and supply. In general, ozone dissolves in water better at lower temperatures. The gas works in all pH levels, but it is more effective when the pH is 7 or above.

The contamination level in untreated water will affect the level of ozone gas needed or demand. If there are substances in the untreated water that react with the ozone molecules, the ozone will get used up, thus increasing the demand for more ozone.

What is ozone generator water treatment?

Water treatment using ozone helps remove contaminants using the oxidative strength of the molecules. It reacts with different substances in the water by taking their electrons. In the ozone generator, ozone is first formed, which is then ingested into water. The molecules start the oxidization process, thus killing microorganisms as well as metals.

It can oxidize organic materials present in the membranes of these organisms, killing the cells completely. It also oxidizes metals like iron, copper, manganese, etc., and turns them into solid particles. These are the byproducts of ozone treatment that need to be removed with the help of proper filtration. This is possible with the use of any mechanical filtration system or activated carbon filter.

Ozone is not just used for water purification. It is also used for removing contaminants from the air. With the help of ozone, you can also get rid of odour from the air. That is why ozone machines as air purifiers are used on a large scale. With the help of modern technology, ozone is generated onsite using high-tech devices. When the ozone is released into the air, it reacts with molecules of mold, smoke, etc.

Every organization needs a different ozone treatment system. If you are looking for a water purification or sterilization solution for your industry, contact usTODAY.



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