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Water Treatment

Chemical-Free Treatment of Nature's Finest Resource

The use of Ozone is being increasingly adopted for drinking water and wastewater treatment because of its superb purification ability which incorporates environment-friendly features. The effectiveness of Ozone for advanced water treatment has been widely proven with an extensive record of successful applications. Which is further reinforced by the FDA and USDA’s approval of Ozone applications.

Evidently, there has been a growing need for municipalities and industries to treat wastewater sufficiently as regulations grow more stringent, and for re-use in irrigation and other applications, as water sources continue to decline due to drought, population growth and other causes. Effectively, Ozone is drastically gaining recognition for its water treatment abilities in addition to the public health, environmental and various other benefits it provides.

Our most popular system - the Ozone Pro - has been used in the indoor growing industry for over two decades to treat water in closed-loop growing systems. Visit Climate Control Systems - a Nebula Group company, for more information on water treatment for indoor growing operations.

Ozone is an approved technology for drinking water treatment by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and has long been recognized as an effective method of treating drinking water to improve taste and safety for municipalities, small communities, and residences. It is one of the strongest disinfectants approved for potable water treatment capable of inactivating waterborne microorganisms and other bacteria and viruses such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium.

Sewage Treatment (process example)

Sewage treatment process example diagram

Drinking Water Treatment (process example)

Drinking water treatment process example


Ozone sanitation is ideal for a number of applications where large scale pressurized washdown is possible, and non-toxic cleaning solutions are needed.

Ozone sanitation for breweries
Ozone for Breweries

The Ozone Pro™ is a stand-alone system that provides Ozone-enriched water for disinfection applications within the winery, brewery, or cidery industries. The Ozone Pro™ system is designed for ease and simplicity of installation as we provide a pre-assembled panel that is adequately equipped for turnkey Ozone production.

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Ozone sanitation for healthcare
Ozone for Healthcare

Nebula Ozone is helping to keep the public safe from contamination, as well as the residents and diverse range of healthcare workers in facilities where sanitization is more important than ever.

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Medical supplies
Ozone for Food Production

Ozone has been proven as a safe, cost-effective, and efficient method for killing micro-organisms and bacteria. Ozonated water is perfect for ‘Post Harvest Washing’ as it sterilizes the food product and eliminates the risk of microbiological contamination. Delicate fruits in particular benefit from Ozone sterilization because it does not require the vigorous washing associated with other methods.

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Ozone military and first responders
Ozone for Military & 1st Responders

Our military and first responders have the unique challenge of keeping their facilities safe in environments where group activities are very common. Nebula Ozone solutions can help improve the safety and wellbeing of these dedicated professionals to our country.

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