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Commercial Reverse Osmosis Water Systems

Pure, clean water is the needed around the world, and it's not just for drinking.

Posted: Jun 30 2021
Commercial RO Water Filtration Systems

Pure, clean water is the needed around the world, and is often used in commercial industries. From greenhouses to hospitals, from food processing to the military- water without contaminants is essential for life. When filtering water reverse osmosis is a very effective cleaning process. Using commercial reverse osmosis or RO water filtration systems can supply you with the clean water you need.

Reverse osmosis removes contaminating molecules from the water and gives you crystal clear water for commercial applications. Modern commercial reverse osmosis water systems, equipped with carbon filters, water softeners, a storage tank, and more, give us purified water without dissolved solids or heavy metals in them. The carbon filters are also good at removing strong odours from water.

Let's find out more about commercial reverse osmosis systems and the water purification process used by them!

Growing Popularity of Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems

RO-based water treatment equipment supplied by WATTS provides economical solutions to breweries, healthcare industry, food production companies, ice makers, water treatment plants, military and first responders, pharmacy companies, water supplies, bottled water stores, etc. Commercial RO systems can work well for a wide variety of large industrial processes.

This also means that the reverse osmosis water filters used for each application will be different models and sizes. There is a wide range of filtration products that use the reverse osmosis to give you the product tailored to suit your processing needs. Give us a call to invest some time in understanding the product application and consult experts to get the right reverse osmosis filtration system that is going to work for you. Mainly you want to ensure that the new RO system can handle your water flow rates, and keep up with the demand of filtration as water flows through the system.

Quality commercial RO systems offer multiple benefits. They are environment-friendly, cost-effective, and low-maintenance. Above all, they offer healthy, safe, filtered water. The reverse osmosis process used by these filtration systems removes impurities with the help of a semi-permeable membrane. In the process, it also rejects bacteria. There's a wide variety of commercial applications for these types of systems.

How Reverse Osmosis Works in Water Purification

Reverse osmosis is not new. There are centuries of studies and research work going into developing systems for water purification. In the last half a century, RO systems have become more advanced. But what exactly is reverse osmosis? Before we find out about that, let's first learn about osmosis.

If you place two liquids of different solute concentrations are separated by a membrane that allows the molecules to pass through, the liquid will move from low concentration level to high concentration. This will help the two liquids to achieve a state of equilibrium. Let's take a look at a simple example.

Suppose you take two cups. Fill one of them with plain water and the other with sugar-infused water. Between these two, the concentration of solute is higher in the sugar water. Imagine that we take a U-tube, and there's a breathable waterproof fabric like Gore-Tex right in between the U-tube to separate the tube into two halves.

Now, if we pour the plain water into the U-tube on one side of the membrane and the sugar water solution on the other, water molecules will start to flow through the tiny holes in the membrane from the plain water to the sugar solution. This is how osmosis will work, and the movement will continue till both solutions mix completely. One polluting the other.

In reverse osmosis, the process is reversed, i.e., the solvent moves in the opposite direction compared to osmosis. So, if we take the same sugar solution and the regular water, reverse osmosis would cause water to move from the sugar solution to plain water! It helps to separate the solute and the solvent - water and sugar in the case of this example.

Commercial Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Process

Reverse osmosis purifiers, equipped with a pressure pump, force water against a semi-permeable membrane surface. This causes the water molecules to pass through the small pores, away from solids, salts, minerals, and other harmful impurities.

These systems usually have pressure gauges along with the booster pump to help you understand how much pressure is being applied to boost the flow rates and enhance the process of purification to give you high-quality water. A RO water filter is one of the most trusted systems in any industry now.

Stages of RO Systems

The RO membrane is an essential tool in the reverse osmosis system. The amount of water permeating through the membrane depends on several factors like feed water pressure, water temperature, etc. An RO water filter can work at different stages of filtration.

RO filters usually have carbon block filters, along with the semi-permeable membrane. Depending on when the water passes through them, they are call pre - filters or post - filters. Based on the type of system, filters include:

Water Flow

Key Benefits of Nebula Ozone RO System

Nebula Ozone has a wide range of commercial RO water filter systems and they offer many benefits. They can

To find the best commercial reverse osmosis and get fitted for your special application talk with us for filtration systems for your organization today!



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