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Ozone has been proven as a safe, cost-effective, and efficient method for killing micro-organisms and bacteria. Ozonated water is perfect for ‘Post Harvest Washing’ as it sterilizes the food product and eliminates the risk of microbiological contamination. Delicate fruits in particular benefit from Ozone sanitation because it does not require the vigorous washing associated with other methods.

Our team has designed and developed a commercial dry container system that utilizes an innovative vacuum technology which allows for maximum Ozone penetration into the pores, cracks and crevices of all forms of produce ranging from; fresh fruits, vegetables and meats to prepackaged vent holes of field packed products as well as RPC packed products.

Highly publicized, national and regional product recalls are impacting consumption of all fresh fruit and vegetables to the tune of hundreds of millions per year in market share loss, legal litigation, and consumer confidence value.

Consumers want to eat fruits and vegetables that are healthy, but confidence in the fresh system is at an all time low - especially with imported product. Current food safety protocols have only made a slight dent in the ability to stop the recalls in a variety of products – not just fresh vegetables and fruit.

The food system is safe. It is however vulnerable, and consumers expect zero failure rates and, although unrealistic, it should be strived for.

Opportunities to incorporate Ozone Sanitation

There are many ways to incorporate ozone treatment into each one of the above bulleted items. Most existing client setups have an opportunity to simply add our technology to existing equipment without the need to replace anything or abandon any existing investments. With a short questionnaire submitted on our website and a conversation over the phone we will be able to quickly recommend a tailored application that minimizes any disruption to your business while maximizing the effectiveness of the solution!

Table 1. Summary of results from various lab simulation and commercial hydrocooler survey studies
Pathogen / Indicator Survival in seconds (s) or hours (h) at ORP (mV)
< 485 550 < × < 620 > 665
E. coli O157:H7 > 300s < 60s < 10s
Salmonella spp. > 300s > 300s < 20s
Listeria monocytogenes > 300s > 300s < 30s
thermotolerant coliform > 48h > 48h < 30s

Ozone Delivery Systems

Wet Ozone Disinfection System

After extensive research, a new and patented wet wash package was developed to dissolve ozone directly into existing wash systems at concentrations high enough for effective kill rates of all organisms, while not compromising workplace safety. Nebula Ozone has developed an enclosed system, which allows concentrations of dissolved ozone in the 3-5 ppm range in the water, and also creates a highly ozonated headspace in the range of 25-40 ppm which is a secondary and extremely effective point of pathogen attack. The key part of this closed system, is that no ozone escapes into the workplace environment, but providing an effective kill rate with no environmental concerns

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    Nebula Ozone Wet Ozone Disinfection
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    Nebula Ozone Wet Ozone Disinfection

Dry Ozone Disinfection System

Nebula Ozone has also designed a commercial dry container system that uses a special vacuum technology that allows maximum ozone penetration into pores, cracks and crevices of bulk fruit, prepackaged vent holes of field packed product such as berries, and is especially useful in RPC packed product.

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    Nebula Ozone Dry Ozone Disinfection
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    Nebula Ozone Dry Ozone Disinfection


Ozone sanitation is ideal for a number of applications where large scale pressurized washdown is possible, and non-toxic cleaning solutions are needed.

Ozone sanitation for breweries
Ozone for Breweries

The Ozone Pro™ is a stand-alone system that provides Ozone-enriched water for disinfection applications within the winery, brewery, or cidery industries. The Ozone Pro™ system is designed for ease and simplicity of installation as we provide a pre-assembled panel that is adequately equipped for turnkey Ozone production.

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Ozone sanitation for healthcare
Ozone for Healthcare

Nebula Ozone is helping to keep the public safe from contamination, as well as the residents and diverse range of healthcare workers in facilities where sanitization is more important than ever.

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Medical supplies
Ozone for Water Treatment

Ozone is being increasingly adopted for drinking water and wastewater treatment because of its superb purification ability which incorporates environment-friendly features. The effectiveness of ozone for advanced water treatment has been widely proven with an extensive record of successful applications, further reinforced by the FDA and USDA’s approval of ozone applications.

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Ozone military and first responders
Ozone for Military & 1st Responders

Our military and first responders have the unique challenge of keeping their facilities safe in environments where group activities are very common. Nebula Ozone solutions can help improve the safety and wellbeing of these dedicated professionals to our country.

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