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Ozone for Safe Effective Sanitation

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Examples of facility types: Poultry farm, food storage, distribution, meat processor

Sanitization is the process of using ozone to eliminate contaminants, bacteria, and other unwanted pathogens on surfaces, fruits, vegetables, meat, machinery and more.

Water Treatment is the process of purifying water using ozone for the purpose of feed water, agricultural irrigation water, or process water used in manufacturing.

Wash down is a method using ozonated water to sanitize surfaces, fresh produce, machinery, and storage areas.

Mist is sanitizing using a fine water mist, most usually on fresh produce in retail areas.

Gaseous ozone can only be used in areas safely isolated from people and animals. This sanitization method is most often used for equipment and produce that cannot have water introduced. Some examples are shipping containers, reefer trailers, and food conveyor cleaning systems.

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